Pool Service Mesa, Pool Service and Repair Standard Service agreement

To ensure we all start with the same understanding of service this is our Standard Pool Service Agreement

Holidays, Large Dust Storms & Other Weather Related Events: In Off Season; If your service day should fall on a weather day or holiday during the "off season", service may be delayed until the next schedule visit. Swimming Season; During swimming season your service call will be completed. Schedules may and will be changed to deal with weather related changes. Summer Holidays will be anticipated and schedules will be moved ahead if possible to accommodate customers use of pool. In some cases, depending on the length of time your pool was recently serviced, your service may be delayed 1-2 days from the normal schedule.


There are no credits for service trips not completed. If you beleive or feel the service of your pool was missed for other reason besides those stated. Please contact our company no more than 24 hours after your service date and if applicable the service call may be rescheduled. Your pool service in paramount to us and we will not miss two (2) consecutive pool service visits. (please note one month of service is equal to four weeks).


Repair(s): Regarding automatic service authorizations to which a pools operation is essential to maintain the pool's water quality. You agree that all repairs under $50 can and will be done as a matter of regular maintenance and are automatic customer authorizations. We have found this policy keeps your pool maintenance at level of water quality needed to best maintain your pool. These repairs may include but are not limited too: skimmer baskets, pump baskets, pool sweep bags, tab floaters. These items are normal wear and tear items that will be exhausted by use and sun exposure.


Vacations: We use a standard 48 Week billing standard. It is our procedure and schedule to visit your pool four (4) times per month. 48 weeks of service out of 52 weeks. Four months in the 12 months have an extra service week and a 5th service day with in the month. Please know you are not charged extra for this 5th Service Day as we use these additional days to take vacations during the off season. These are the cooler months which are normally November through March. Vacation weeks include Christmas, Thanksgiving and two other weeks on which we decide.


Payment Terms: Invoices are sent electronically via email with digital return receipts. Billed on the 1st of the month, payments are due not later than the 15th of the current month. Late fees will be added if your payment it posted past the 15th. Late payments are $5.00. To avoid any late payments please pay before the 15th of the month. If you need to make changes to the payments, billing address or other matters related to payments and billing please call 480-500-1939.


Cancellation: Agreement by either Parties can cancelled at any time.

  • Customer Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the proper water level. (To avoid serious damage to pool, spa, pond or fountain equipment)
    Backwash hoses are to be supplied by the customer. (If needed)
    Brush and pole to be supplied by the customer under the “Chem Plus” plan.
    Keep trees and plants trimmed away from pool. (Not to hang over deck or pool)
    Provide clear access to pool and equipment, keep pump area clean.
    Remove pool covers, solar covers/rings, toys, rafts, etc. on day of service.
    Assure that all gates are operating properly. Service technician assumes no responsibility for maintaining fences or gates at customer’s property.

  • Expenses not included in the regular monthly rate schedule are as follows:

  • Excessive cleanup (storms, vandalism, excessive landscape debris)
    Cartridge/DE filter cleaning – (minimum two per year)
    Parts for repairs
    Labor for repairs
    Additional service calls
    Specialty chemicals (stain and scale treatments, oil enzymes, conditioner, phosphate removers, etc)
    Annual conditioner, algaecide, phosphate charge
    Excessive amounts of chlorine, acid, salt, etc. (Due to bather load, dogs, leaking pools, excessive debris, waterfalls, etc)